We are a group of professionals who, observing the current problem of malnutrition, decided to act with the aim of solving it; Therefore, taking up the ancestral knowledge of the wise Rarámuri ethnic group and linking them with the findings obtained in scientific research carried out by world experts in GenoTipo and in various internationally prestigious universities, we have created a range of superfoods based on each type of blood, that naturally nourish and heal the human body.


Promote health and wellness through a new food culture and lifestyle.


To be recognized as a brand that promotes nutrition, well-being and continuous improvement in health through a comprehensive approach. Quality is our hallmark.



    We emphasize the value of integrity and respect in the service we provide to our clients


    Our clients are our reason for being and providing human and empathetic attention, our task.


    We use top quality raw materials in the elaboration of our products and the attention we provide is personalized based on specific needs.